The answer to this crossword puzzle is 10 letters long and begins with L

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Stalks latecomer regularly, often smoking weed?"

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  1. Lemongrass
    1. Source of oil splashed on arms and legs
    2. Fruit, drugs or herb
    3. Fruit shop supplies asian cooking ingredient
    4. Roams glens, out for fragrant ingredient
    5. Herb used in perfumes
    6. Herb used in thai food


  1. Union latecomer
  2. Latecomer at a full house
  3. Words to a latecomer
  4. Beet with edible white leaf stalks
  5. Means of splitting stalks
  6. Plant stalks
  7. Bundle of grain stalks
  8. Plant with edible stalks
  9. Plant red stalks green leaves used in cooking
  10. Flat woolen caps with stalks worn by the french
  11. Plant stalks eaten as fruit
  12. Green vegetable in stalks
  13. Plant with thick stalks that are cooked in desserts
  14. Grain stalks stored in bales
  15. Coin with two stalks of wheat on its reverse
  16. Stalks in a pie
  17. Plant stalks as roofing material
  18. Stalks, making confused mutter
  19. Mat of rice stalks, used as a floor covering in japanese houses
  20. Candied stalks used for cake decoration


  1. Fair level: passed
  2. The upper atmosphere, the heavens
  3. Caught in outrageous denial
  4. Small metal container which dispenses its contents by propelling them under pressure
  5. Some reported problem in school
  6. Widely supported ship parking for miles in scottish shipping area
  7. Heads of state are disproportionately unhappy
  8. Put one's mark to trip out of the springtide