The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with P

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Stable period from augustus to marcus aurelius"

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  1. Paxromana
    1. Period ushered in by augustus
    2. Long, tranquil period ushered in by the emperor augustus
    3. Peace which existed between nationalities of an ancient empire
    4. Long period of stability ending circa a.d. 180
    5. Supporting chap about a vote leading to a period of stability
    6. Frogman is back on alternative route


  1. Physician of marcus aurelius
  2. It lasted through the reign of marcus aurelius
  3. Court physician to marcus aurelius
  4. Philosopher like marcus aurelius
  5. 'poverty is the mother of ___': marcus aurelius
  6. Year in marcus aurelius's reign
  7. "be not unwilling in what thou ___": marcus aurelius
  8. Marcus aurelius was one
  9. Period ushered in by augustus
  10. Long, tranquil period ushered in by the emperor augustus
  11. They're not stable and not in stable
  12. __ aurelius, second-century roman emperor
  13. Second-century emperor aurelius
  14. Aurelius of rome
  15. Movie mogul marcus
  16. Movie theater pioneer marcus
  17. Marcus and george
  18. Physician to marcus aurel
  19. Theater mogul marcus
  20. Marcus's retail partner


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