The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with N

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Squares introduced to fashion, in essence"

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  1. Nines
    1. Dressed to the ___
    2. Baseball squads
    3. Baseball teams
    4. To the ___ (one way to dress)
    5. Great scores in olympic diving
    6. Good diving scores


  1. The squares of 'three squares'
  2. Tv horse introduced in 1955 ... or a plymouth model introduced in 1956
  3. Fashion first introduced in 1955
  4. Fashion introduced by sir walter raleigh
  5. She works in fashion, or is to start in fashion
  6. ___ saint laurent french fashion designer who founded his eponymous fashion label
  7. Essence
  8. Unintentionally revealing carrier, in essence
  9. Essence of roses
  10. Whodunits essence
  11. Essence of an idea
  12. Setting cryptic in essence occupies klingsor
  13. Account on agency model in essence is prepared italian-style
  14. S.o.s., in essence
  15. Essence of a person, one
  16. Marriage celebrations? essence captured in a meal, cooked and given to one and all at the outset
  17. Film, the essence of j williams: amistad
  18. Extract essence from processed cod etc
  19. Almond essence
  20. In essence, lithuania is brilliant


  1. Relating to building design
  2. Of or relating to capital letters
  3. Dauntless display might be moreish
  4. Rich people showering lionel messi with endless praise
  5. Senior nursing officer of old
  6. One italian mp tries working against expansionism
  7. Play golf with olympian, getting thrashed
  8. Three-day horse-riding competition