The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with C


Do you know the answer?


  1. Castle
    1. Actors like empty citadel, not one in spanish region
    2. Windsor, for one
    3. Knight hood?
    4. Queen's quarters
    5. Move to protect the king, say
    6. Royal home


  1. Cry from comic book civilians
  2. Civilians eligible to be
  3. Civilians trained as soldiers
  4. Detachment forcing civilians into the navy
  5. Civilians, to a cowboy
  6. End up protecting one burning group of civilians when fighting
  7. 1400, to civilians
  8. 1300 hours, to civilians
  9. Military force of trained civilians
  10. In wartime, remove civilians from cities to safety of countryside
  11. Civilians eligible to be drafted
  12. Civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army
  13. *like secret military facilities, to civilians
  14. Yet civilians lived such a life in the war
  15. Limit free first-class returns for trained civilians
  16. Award given to u.s. civilians
  17. “spy vs. spy” magazine
  18. Original "spy vs. spy" ca
  19. The spy in "the spy who c
  20. 1984's spy vs spy based on mad __ comic


  1. Features of some windows
  2. Lacking vision organs
  3. Is pouty
  4. Creates 20 down
  5. Back for a buck?
  6. 2011 super bowl team
  7. – bird, large carrion-eating stork, occurring in south and southeast asia
  8. Bogie co-star lauren