The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with Z

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Spot, for the lady, some instruments"

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  1. Zithers
    1. Musical instruments that lie flat
    2. They're played with plect
    3. Koto's cousins
    4. Instruments seen in the centre of teheran covered with spots
    5. Musical instruments listed very late alphabetically


  1. Loud instruments and quiet instruments?
  2. Instruments ... loud instruments!
  3. Spot to spot spot
  4. Spot for spot
  5. Spot to order a spot
  6. It's said to spot the spot
  7. First to spot a spot of misguided flattery
  8. What tourists do in spot after spot
  9. Spot spot in speech
  10. Spot for a ten-spot
  11. Phrase said five times by lady macbeth soon after “out, damned spot!”
  12. Like lady macbeth's spot
  13. When lady macbeth cries 'out, damn'd spot!'
  14. 'out, ___ spot!': lady macbeth
  15. High spot for first lady and others
  16. Spot lady's music player
  17. The end of lady in lake is a high spot
  18. Lady of “my fair lady”
  19. First name of lady pamela mountbatten's daughter who was a bridesmaid to lady diana spencer at her wedding to prince charles
  20. One lady in greek character's clutches, new welsh lady


  1. Greenish-brown lizard-like reptile endemic to new zealand
  2. It develops, not always into a dragonfly initially
  3. Lech __, president of poland from 1990-95
  4. Joan of arc at the time of her death
  5. Office worker who pays out more than her earns
  6. Frank article written by g.b. shaw
  7. Caractere incline vers la droite
  8. Makes thicker as ones wallet