The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with K

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Sport making its olympic debut in tokyo in 2020"

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  1. Karate
    1. Hands-on defense?
    2. Japanese martial art
    3. Chop (off)
    4. Sport in which belts are
    5. Martial art
    6. Self-defense art


  1. Olympic sport debut of '64
  2. Pre-tokyo tokyo
  3. Tokyo before it was tokyo
  4. Tokyo, pre-tokyo
  5. Threesome heading for tokyo, olympic city
  6. Peter, kiwi winner of the eight hundred and fifteen hundred metre olympic titles in tokyo
  7. German olympic swimming champion with six olympic golds the second highest number of wins ever: 2 wds.
  8. Olympic sport with strokes
  9. Martial art thats an olympic sport
  10. Martial art - olympic sport
  11. Olympic sport
  12. __ luge olympic sport on pavement
  13. A winter olympic sport
  14. French-inspired olympic sport requires a mask
  15. Olympic sport involving light spear
  16. Table __ aka ping pong; an olympic sport
  17. A sport played during the olympic games
  18. Jamaica competed in this 1988 winter olympic sport
  19. A summer olympic sport
  20. A sport which is part of the olympic events


  1. Ribbon prize or badge
  2. Profitable and extremely resolute venture i am arranging
  3. One italian mp tries working against expansionism
  4. 1988 action film starring steven seagal and pam grier
  5. Of or relating to capital letters
  6. Person briefly in the office gets man captivated
  7. Managed to be somewhat unnatural
  8. Man having beer in vermont