CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Spilling blobs, make mess on small disk"

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  1. Splatter
    1. Cloud in space
    2. Topping of signature dish making a splash
    3. Odds on the second one causing a splash
    4. Prattles (anag)
    5. Paint mess
    6. Southern dish to make a mess on the wall, perhaps


  1. Fall in small blobs
  2. Novelty lighting with warmed wax blobs in glass
  3. Blobs spattered on queen? that's drivel!
  4. Blobs on slides
  5. Microscopic blobs
  6. Little blobs on slides
  7. Possible result of spilling grape juice on a map of the middle east?
  8. Spilling point
  9. Farm worker upturned cart and dung, spilling half
  10. Spilling out
  11. *spilling a drink or eating all the guacamole say
  12. Blunder, spilling oil by north african coast
  13. Troublesome spilling rum out of antique
  14. One runs about spilling gin -- it's a job for the housekeeper?
  15. Imagined spilling gin from the press
  16. American novelist gets gangster trapped by one spilling the beans?
  17. Result of spilling a drink at your desk?
  18. Arctic monkeys lyric "spilling drinks on my ___"
  19. Burning curry, maybe, spilling on suit
  20. Twisting hair, drinking strong drink and spilling guts


  1. Place near hamath mentioned in numbers 13:21
  2. Powerful calculator
  3. Stupidly derailed victor, a reckless type
  4. Birmingham-based manufacturer of railway carriages and wagons founded in 1863
  5. Unpredictable boy catching rodent
  6. Scrooge is gripped by recall of sleep with dreams
  7. Outer town area
  8. Early humans