The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with S.
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Crossword Answers for "Speaker whose voice or language can be changed"

Added on Monday, December 31, 2018

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  1. Siri
    1. One who talks on the phone a lot?
    2. Who asks what can i help you with? on an iphone
    3. Familiar voice since 2011
    4. Iphone assistant
    5. Voice-activated assistant
    6. One talking on the phone nowadays?


  1. In greek mythology, the herald whose 'voice was as powerful as 50 voices of other men' – hence any person with a really loud voice
  2. _____ mutandis; things having been changed (that needed to be changed) (abl. pl.)
  3. Musician who once changed the middle letter of her stage name to a dollar sign, but later changed it back to a boring old 's'
  4. Top answer changed about — changed radic­ally
  5. 'all is changed, changed . . .' (yeats)
  6. Changed to something else, e.g. changed religion
  7. Obviously happy spanish-speaker's non-spanish speaker has to go away
  8. Speaker speaker
  9. Man¿s big voice has changed a lot
  10. Presenter admits eras changed by roughest voice
  11. Speaker with an unusually loud voice
  12. Announcement confirmed by the speaker's voice
  13. Amazon's voice-activated speaker
  14. Amazon smart speaker that responds to voice commands
  15. Amazon's voice-controlled speaker ___
  16. Voice-activated smart speaker introduced in 2016
  17. Amazon's voice-enabled speaker
  18. Smart speaker released in 2018 which integrates siri to enable voice control: 2 wds.
  19. Smart speaker voice
  20. Piece has essential parts for voice and choir introduced by speaker


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