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  1. One language speaker is in paris, entertaining various painters
  2. Obviously happy spanish-speaker's non-spanish speaker has to go away
  3. Speaker speaker
  4. Fool in dublin and in rome holds back the speaker in london and paris
  5. Love breaking through a wall in paris? that's love in paris for you!
  6. High-definition screens popular with one foreign-language speaker
  7. Ancient semitic language speaker
  8. Speaker of a siouan language
  9. Celtic language speaker
  10. Idiot's not naturally a speaker of artificial language
  11. Speaker whose voice or language can be changed
  12. Language-learning facility set to admit british speaker
  13. Speaker of the latin quote hidden in the answers to the starred clues ... and the english-language quote hidden in the answers to the double-starred clues
  14. Speaker of one language
  15. Speaker of a language that has both cyrillic and latin alphabets
  16. Graduate in paris that's adopted second language
  17. Paris-based council concerned with language
  18. Language a roman used, taking a month in paris
  19. Language spoken in paris
  20. The main language spoken in paris


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