The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with G.
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Added on Saturday, January 11, 2020

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  1. Geodes
    1. Birds almost holding party with rolling stones
    2. Some sparklers
    3. Some fancy paperweights
    4. Rock cavities lined with crystals — see dog (anag)
    5. Showcases of rock bands?
    6. Crystal-lined stones


  1. City of the rijks-museum and van gogh museum
  2. Museum founder sad at a museum folding, beginning to despair
  3. J. paul ___ museum (los angeles art museum)
  4. Irish physician whose 1753 bequest became the foundation of the british museum and the natural history museum
  5. State __ museum; russian art museum
  6. State museum russian art museum
  7. Turns up, museum material across spain finds certain society holds them dear
  8. Undeveloped dublin museum finds true build
  9. Tv show that spawned an exhibit at chicagos museum of science and industry
  10. Tv series that spawned an exhibit at chicagos museum of science and industry
  11. Bird science museum exhibits
  12. Home of the norwegian museum of science and technology
  13. With 9-across, certain science museum displays
  14. Chicago museum of science and industry showpiece
  15. Choice articles from museum science room, including original urban man
  16. Science-museum exhibits
  17. Format for some science museum films
  18. Dish in a lab used for examining cultures (those are science terms for those who haven't studied science)
  19. Science ___ (school science fair item) for short
  20. Prefix with science to mean earth science


  1. Medicated liquid
  2. Member of a germanic people who ravaged rome in 455
  3. Mathematician somewhere in italy heading for genoa
  4. Marks & spenser talk about introducing new stores initially
  5. Manoeuvred
  6. Mail was reduced regularly, primarily from late &rsquo 40s
  7. Meet old man entertaining men say
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