The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with N

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "South sudan river"

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  1. Nile
    1. It flows past giza
  2. Nile
    1. River in an agatha christ
    2. Shade of green
    3. World's longest river
    4. One with a big mouth in africa?
    5. Cairos river


  1. Suffix with south sudan or just sudan (and if there were a west sudan it would work with that, too)
  2. Country that's south of south sudan
  3. Neighbor of south sudan
  4. Next to kenya congo and south sudan
  5. Capital of south sudan
  6. Country bordered by rwanda and south sudan
  7. South sudan
  8. Town in northern uganda near the border with south sudan housing an airport
  9. River flowing from lake tana (ethiopia) to khartoum (sudan)
  10. River through sudan
  11. Largest city in sudan on the river nile opposite khartoum
  12. Neighbor of sudan
  13. Neighbor of sudan: abbr.
  14. Sudan/saudi arabia separa
  15. Area of egypt/sudan
  16. Insecure sudan yet to rebuild
  17. Sudan neighbor: abbr.
  18. Keep mum covered in sudan, travelling with english parasol
  19. The view from port sudan
  20. Old man in sudan beaten up in prison


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  2. Club prohibits some percussion
  3. Spear age is as strange
  4. Bbc documentary series hosted by neil oliver and nicholas crane
  5. Angel's using drugs kept in heavy case
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  7. Eye troy in old image
  8. Aliens fled in panic from such control...