The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with F.
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Added on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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  1. Fermented
    1. When sugar has turned to alcohol
    2. Agitated blokes in terrible fret end losing heart
    3. Chemically broken down pickled
    4. Soured, as grapes
    5. When the referee turns on the people, edward has them seething
    6. Rising to the occasion, the referee turns to the people with edward


  1. He turned on blokes breaking dad's spectacles
  2. Place where grapes are turned into alcoholic drink
  3. Source of alcoholic drink - arabic port
  4. Quiet alcoholic's source -- guy who reaches for the spirits
  5. Season alcoholic drink, while keeping temperature right
  6. Alcoholic drinks, things that give a buzz? about right
  7. Right to consume milky drinks after alcoholic beverage (small beer)
  8. Alcoholic drink produces smile right away
  9. Blokes backing a copper's judgement
  10. Blokes crowd round to help girl
  11. Fix blokes drinks at the outset…
  12. Sound blokes making an appearance
  13. Blokes taken aback in tucking into cooked food without dissent
  14. Blokes eating large pieces of garlic
  15. Poor blokes
  16. Blokes in song by northern quarter
  17. Angry blokes losing millions in capital in dispute
  18. Break-up of odd blokes in sci-fi film
  19. Misrepresent and insult blokes in audition
  20. No-good blokes


  1. Spanish sailing vessel from the 16th century
  2. Off the __ track, remote, untouristy destination
  3. Not leaning one way or the other, in the middle
  4. Fancy black three-piece suits
  5. Women whose song lured sailors to their deaths
  6. Type of tooth also known as the third molar
  7. Screw top with just one straight line
  8. Hand tool for grasping and turning wires or pipes