The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with R

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Source of the line a jug of wine a loaf of bread"

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  1. Rubaiyat
    1. Persian verse form (of omar khayyam?)
    2. The - - of omar khayyam
    3. They are well versed in farsi
    4. Polish a river one up?
    5. 58-across' masterwork
    6. Buy tiara for this poem of omar khayyam


  1. Grill us bread, admitting i'm not sure it's bread
  2. One making bread out of bread?
  3. Slightly leavened bread similar to pitta bread
  4. Snacked regularly on greek bread? very little bread, in fact
  5. Bread source
  6. Bread-seed source
  7. Source of beef tea and bread buns with super filling
  8. Server you rolled up, on which a source of milk and bread
  9. Browning bread source?
  10. Source of bread
  11. Bread's found somewhere near harrow to be source of profit
  12. Monkey bread source
  13. Tinned bread as source of vitamin a
  14. Bread source, for short
  15. Source of bread for male swan
  16. Source of wealth + source of mozzarella?
  17. A source of sherry and a source of water also
  18. Primarily source of yeast, also source of protein
  19. Fix source of ore, including source of gold
  20. Chap curtailed source of eggs and source of drink


  1. It's always behind you
  2. Omelet option
  3. "cliff hangers" theme music on "the price is right," e.g.
  4. Tools for a garden
  5. Summer, in st. denis
  6. They're bent in bars
  7. Unpacks the mack
  8. Wrenched