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  1. Snoop's sometime collaborator
  2. Brecht's sometime collaborator
  3. Shakespeare's collaborator on 'the two noble kinsmen'
  4. Shakespeare collaborator christopher
  5. The complete works of william shakespeare, e.g
  6. Venus and —; narrative poem by william shakespeare
  7. 'trifles light as air/are to the – confirmations strong/ as proofs of holy writ' (william shakespeare, othello)
  8. Villainous ensign in william shakespeare's othello
  9. Forest of –, a region of warwickshire; primary scene of william shakespeare's as you like it
  10. Like signatures of william shakespeare
  11. Anne --, wife of william shakespeare
  12. 'much ado about virtue' by william shakespeare
  13. Publicity for william shakespeare?
  14. Hoarding? william shakespeare hoards nothing!
  15. Tragedy by william shakespeare
  16. Lyricist preceded by william shakespeare, initially
  17. 1946 broadway revival by william shakespeare
  18. Anne . . . . . . . . was william shakespeare's wife
  19. Actor who co-founded the original globe theatre; a friend and associate of william shakespeare portrayed by steve speirs in upstart crow
  20. Hoarding ring william shakespeare accepted


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