The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with C


Do you know the answer?


  1. Chopping
    1. Cutting into pieces


  1. Something humorous from meadow's in kitchen cupboard
  2. Short-legged hound used for hunting (6)short-legged hound used for hunting
  3. Long-legged territorial bird of south america such as the red-legged —
  4. Like an empty cupboard
  5. Free-standing kitchen cupboard is on the ground
  6. Stack in a kitchen cupboard
  7. Key perhaps one doesn't want found in cupboard
  8. Sideboard cupboard found in dining room
  9. Race around holding letter finally found at back of study in a cupboard
  10. Sort of key found in a cupboard?
  11. Sort of key that may be found in a cupboard?
  12. Item found in medicine cupboard -- toss sample out
  13. A - cupboard may be found in chemistry lab
  14. Sister hiding in kitchen unit
  15. Having puffed a lil' something something, to someone who hates something something
  16. Wipes raised surfaces surrounding island in empty kitchen
  17. Empty shells in the kitchen
  18. Many-legged creature found under fallen trees
  19. Bishop needs space - one's often fitted in a cupboard
  20. In dutch shoe-cupboard one may die


  1. One of the three rivers that pittsburgh's three rivers stadium is named for
  2. Goddesses of the arts in greek mythology
  3. Holder (of an office)
  4. He painted first of infants captured by giant
  5. Call up first woman with average
  6. Delete or caps lock for example
  7. Dismiss party protecting northern ireland
  8. Guffaw at hare donning ugly hat