CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Solemn queen presented bandages"

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  1. Grave
    1. Burial place
    2. Beyond that
    3. Heavy accent
    4. Resting place?
    5. Serious head of governing party
    6. Serious start on galvanising party


  1. Old queen for whom clear bandages stretch too much
  2. Solemn person cries over page following queen
  3. Cut, little girl fixed bandages
  4. Put bandages on as wounds
  5. Brand of elastic bandages
  6. Puts new bandages on
  7. Dressing i love, head in lint, best bandages
  8. Brand name bandages
  9. Binding; supportive bandages
  10. Bandages, to brits
  11. Enveloping bandages
  12. Bandages thus removed, perform healing?
  13. Arm bandages; drinks
  14. Eg cavell dressed it, having bandages
  15. Relax while they take off the bandages
  16. Big name in liquid bandages
  17. They might require dora the explorer bandages
  18. Apply bandages
  19. *seller of geoffrey bandages
  20. Youngsters in fall wrapped in bandages


  1. Non-active volcano in north tanzania; the highest peak in africa
  2. Decisively indicative questions
  3. Like a fishing line after a bite
  4. Canadian stadium until 2005
  5. Kind of liability-limiting stock order
  6. Place to play a board game
  7. Emptiness shown in victory with sharpness of vision
  8. Personal care brand with a bird in its logo