The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with O

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Solemn promise"


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  1. Oath
    1. Pledge
    2. Blast, for instance
    3. Swear word
    4. Sworn statement
    5. ___ of office
    6. Curse


  1. Plight one's ..., make a solemn promise in marriage
  2. Military person who makes a solemn promise?
  3. Runner on solemn promise, up where tramps live
  4. Relating to a solemn promise made by scottish conservative
  5. This person's solemn promise brings an exclamation of surprise
  6. Be involved in solemn promise - but have no time for sorcery
  7. Possibly a solemn promise by english learner
  8. Oath or solemn promise
  9. Solemn pledge or a promise
  10. Made solemn promise
  11. Swearword or solemn promise
  12. Makes a solemn promise
  13. Romantic approach and solemn promise that gives access to secrets?
  14. Solemn promise made by a groom say
  15. Committed by a solemn promise
  16. Film character who says 'i promise teach karate. that my part. you promise learn'
  17. It may promise financial gain, or possibly deny promise
  18. Dreamy but not solemn composition
  19. Unusually solemn broadcaster cut short in russian city
  20. Solemn fear


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