The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with F

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Solemn occasions"

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  1. Funerals
    1. Grave commitments for nur and aslef combined
    2. Ceremonies for the dead
    3. Sad final ceremonies
    4. Ceremonies held to bury the departed


  1. Festive occasions
  2. Occasions for baskets
  3. Like home, on rare occasions
  4. Occasions for holding han
  5. Photo ___ (occasions for
  6. Occasions to use pepper?
  7. Occasions
  8. Occasions that begin with
  9. Sat around near small cafe, lacking a place for formal occasions
  10. Occasions to close up sho
  11. Driver to bargain when going round university on two separate occasions
  12. Occasions to serve crumpe
  13. Occasions to compare nose
  14. Healthy if faint on odd occasions
  15. Austrian formula 1 champion on three occasions
  16. Cake-and-ice-cream occasions, for short
  17. Old king makes disapproving noise on two occasions
  18. Special occasions for lease-holder during shamefaced stupor, we're told
  19. Blue book occasions
  20. Left alone on a number of occasions, by the sound of it


  1. Affected working class speech used by jamie oliver, guy ritchie and others
  2. Felicity initially lacking flexibility
  3. Call round a little afterwards, being sly
  4. Hall who hosted a 1990s talk show
  5. Maladie des moutons
  6. Instinct actor cumming
  7. Middle eastern nation that's home to shiraz and tabriz
  8. ___: the movie (2017 tv movie based on a usa series)