CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Solemn — burial place"

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  1. Grave
    1. Burial place
    2. Beyond that
    3. Heavy accent
    4. Resting place?
    5. Serious head of governing party
    6. Serious start on galvanising party


  1. Solemn cart back in place for burial
  2. Burial place of king arth
  3. Burial place
  4. Underground burial place
  5. Czars' burial place
  6. Ancient burial place
  7. Burial place of many fren
  8. Muhammad's burial place islam holy site
  9. Holy city in saudi arabia burial place of muhammad
  10. A burial place for a favorite wife
  11. Twain's new york burial place
  12. Somerset town famous for a nearby music festival, the reputed burial place of king arthur
  13. London burial place of john donne and horatio nelson
  14. Probably the genghis khans burial place
  15. Pet grooming device found outside a burial-place
  16. Secret burial place
  17. Place for burial of bodies
  18. Lost coat and money in taxi to old place of burial
  19. King or queen with glitter around burial place?
  20. Supposed implement for close search also turned up church in burial place


  1. Release from fastener
  2. Nuisance after second place
  3. Covering furniture
  4. Good person has minor irritations, spasms of pain
  5. Hear tramp in capital city
  6. Chemical in acid and speed
  7. Reacted angrily, getting hairy
  8. Disallow try by a northampton flanker - dead right!