The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with D

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Soften colour, say, by adding blue"

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  1. Diedown
    1. Conserving energy, used to have to become quieter
    2. Abate (3,4)
    3. Say colour blue seen to fade
    4. Fade away, being disheartened after endless diet
    5. For ease, used to have holding in east
    6. Become progressively weaker


  1. Jewel adding fresh colour
  2. In new term make drawer, adding colour
  3. Adding a little colour to limited cartoon hero
  4. Creature adding colour in clean home, perhaps
  5. It's mostly the locals adding colour for the viewer?
  6. Composer, one adding colour?
  7. Painter adding colour to old pottery, back in the centre
  8. Adding colour to walls with a brush or roller
  9. Heat, as to soften metal
  10. Soften
  11. Soften, as chocolate
  12. Soften - yield
  13. Soften, ultimately calm, english lieutenant
  14. Virginia's brought in to soften material
  15. Fluid to soften the skin
  16. Soften, grow less severe
  17. Soften in feeling
  18. Soften and mix everything from lime to ale
  19. Soften the blow?
  20. Soften in feeling or determination


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