The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with M

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Smooth hard road surface"

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  1. Macadam
    1. Pitch off the road
    2. Road surface in scotland created by seth, perhaps
    3. Scoundrel entering address for woman that's seen on the way
    4. Did one of 30 across at last get work on the roads?
    5. Bill, grabbed by impertinent girl, leaving coat on road?
    6. Road surface with tar


  1. This courtly senior is of smooth stuff and is a smooth talker
  2. Smooth surface on furniture requires work by computer
  3. Having a smooth surface
  4. Smooth surface of a gem
  5. Aspect — smooth cut surface
  6. Form a smooth surface
  7. It is used to produce a smooth and shiny surface
  8. Smooth surface covers up tear
  9. Places a smooth surface on a wall
  10. The feel of a surface bumpy or smooth
  11. To make a surface shiny and smooth
  12. In botany, having a smooth surface and cylindrical shape
  13. Laid a smooth surface on a road
  14. Army surface-to-surface m
  15. Microsoft surface surface
  16. Clue to gasp about: boatman creates vintage surface treatmentclue to gasp about: boatman creates vintage surface treatment
  17. Army surface-to-surface missile
  18. *dive, surface, dive, surface, etc.?
  19. All the more - smooth
  20. Smooth talkers quality


  1. Like monarchs: grand, and serious about it
  2. Start of d.c.'s zip codes or area code
  3. On camera, i ground coffee
  4. Student of living things and their environment
  5. We ultimately embody what 'ye' are in 25's 4 22
  6. You and i loudly rejected what 'they' are in 25's 4 22
  7. Reliable sort has criticism after dropping bat
  8. Like an out-of-state elector's ballot