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  1. Smallville family
  2. Channel that aired “felicity” and “smallville”
  3. Smallville surname
  4. Smallville girl
  5. Home of smallville: abbr.
  6. Smallville
  7. Erica durance's 'smallville' role
  8. Lang on "smallville"
  9. ___ lang ('smallville' role)
  10. O'toole of tv's 'smallville'
  11. 'smallville' actress durance
  12. Object of clark's love on 'smallville'
  13. 'smallville' name
  14. Annette of 'smallville'
  15. Birth name of smallville's most famous resident
  16. Clark's squeeze, on 'smallville'
  17. ''smallville'' network
  18. Durance of ''smallville''
  19. Lex of 'smallville'
  20. 'smallville' role


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