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  1. Ovule
    1. Immature egg
    2. Small egg
    3. Rudimentary seed
    4. Little egg
    5. Seed-to-be
    6. Embryo sac encloser


  1. Parcels containing a potter's support for plant
  2. Plant containing source of this unusual medical treatment
  3. Part of a cereal plant containing the seeds
  4. Part of cereal plant containing seed
  5. Type of biome covering around six per cent of earth's land surface and containing half of its plant/animal species
  6. Film sheltered place containing early signs of this outstanding plant
  7. Small bottle (containing a drug)
  8. Small constellation containing the star vega
  9. Container containing a small container
  10. Small particle containing iodine found in saturn's moon
  11. Cooks carrying carton containing small things on the menu?
  12. Material is stony substance containing small hole
  13. Small part of a rocket, containing instruments or crew
  14. Small soft bag, containing perfumed powder perhaps
  15. & 18 across former medicine or cordial containing a small quantity of gold
  16. Stall for box containing a small can
  17. Small wave on a fluid surface; a variety of ice cream containing raspberry syrup
  18. Alloy based on iron containing carbon and small quantities of other elements
  19. Small constellation in the northern hemisphere containing the star vega
  20. Small dish containing large plug


  1. Leave no tip for
  2. Appreciate informally
  3. Aspiring star's goal
  4. Present-day neanderthal
  5. Sister channel of qvc
  6. Former justice sandra day __
  7. Very serious as straits
  8. Quackgrass e.g.