The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with S.
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Crossword Answers for "Slang for prison describes the closing of doors"

Added on Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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CODYCROSS paris Group 252 Puzzle 3

  1. To gulp and ingest food or drink
  2. __ oxide aka laughing gas
  3. __ vivaldi composer of the four seasons
  4. Naval battle between the ottomans and holy league
  5. London's macabre historical attraction
  6. Historical delhi residence of mughal emperors
  7. Someone who trespasses or steals
  8. Often ice-bound gulf between sweden and finland
  9. The dalai lama is a central figure in __ buddhism
  10. Standing long jump expert in early 20th century
  11. Omission of a passage in a book speech or film
  12. Highest officer rank in the us army


  1. Slammer
    1. One who harshly criticises prison
    2. Joint
    3. Prison, in slang
    4. Bump into me with ringleader in local prison
    5. I must be drunk in one prison
    6. One pulling off lots of tricks in prison?


  1. Saloon doors, when opening or closing
  2. Not closing train doors are doing this at station
  3. Closing the doors of a financial magazine?
  4. Slang for being drunk; describes a skimmed wall
  5. A walk from prison to prison
  6. The __ prison experiment, mock psych prison
  7. Prison guard, in slang
  8. Prison, in slang
  9. Prison (us slang)
  10. Slang word for "prison" — time
  11. Oat dish; time in prison (slang)
  12. A prison sentence (slang)
  13. 10-year prison sentence, in slang
  14. Prison slang for "girlfriend"
  15. Slang for prison or one who shuts a door loudly
  16. Ten-year prison sentence, in slang
  17. Prison (slang) - disturbance
  18. Prison officer (slang)
  19. Unwell (slang) — unpleasant (slang)
  20. Wealthy (slang) — drunk (slang)


  1. Hollywood film produced in america in two versions
  2. Having a change of heart, get lost somewhere in london
  3. Historic county on the west coast of scotland
  4. Hypothesis that has no alter­native for these people
  5. He cant possibly employ singer
  6. Head back with a german to find station
  7. Hero worship puck does have a go, after taking note
  8. To tell someone danger is approaching