The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with N

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Skittles record i held in northern pubs"

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  1. Ninepins
    1. Skittles (ix, not v)
    2. Spare parts?
    3. Skittles
    4. Skittles make one cross legs
    5. Three more and they're in galway
    6. In game, stand at first behind square leg


  1. Beer and skittles
  2. Skittles (ix, not v)
  3. Skittles variety
  4. Skittles
  5. Skittles make one cross legs
  6. Endlessly demanding about skittles, she's unmatched
  7. Where to play skittles
  8. Place skittles here and there
  9. Skittles partner
  10. Skittles game
  11. They go down like skittles!
  12. Positioned skittles unevenly at end of board
  13. Dairy product - disc used in skittles
  14. Shaped like skittles
  15. Place skittles regularly used
  16. Ten-pin __; knocking down skittles at an alley
  17. Lane for skittles
  18. The 'northern' in northern lights
  19. A northern race, but a this not for northern races
  20. Northern range, not northern change


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