The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with E


Do you know the answer?


  1. Ectomorph
    1. Lean-bodied person
    2. City man's work involving resistance by hard, thin person
    3. City gent, one from children's home, not an especially delicate type
    4. Thin person required to model 22 top


  1. Skinny?
  2. Skinny sort
  3. Skinny type
  4. Tell skinny marines
  5. Record lard: me, i could be skinny?
  6. Skinny-legged trotters
  7. Like a skinny-dipper
  8. Tall, skinny guy
  9. Very skinny
  10. Skinny female, shivering in the raw outside
  11. Skinny bore audibly - saying how he lost this?
  12. Word with party or skinny
  13. Ready for skinny-dipping
  14. Skinny, dejected football
  15. Skinny comic
  16. Attire for skinny dippers: __ suit
  17. Style of jeans with very skinny legs
  18. Popeye's skinny fiancée
  19. Skinny toon olive
  20. Counsel gets the bits of the skinny baby


  1. Jane, to 9 down
  2. My, in versailles
  3. "song of the south" term
  4. Young grizzly
  5. Boy scout greetings
  6. Rock gently
  7. 41 across holder
  8. Navy engineer