The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Sir belch"

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  1. Toby
    1. Decorative mug
    2. Country singer keith
    3. ___ ziegler richard schiffs emmy-winning role on the west wing
    4. ___ keith singer with 20 #1 country hits
    5. Play involving black fellow
    6. Man-shaped mug


  1. I belch drunkenly, getting stuck into liqueur, ignoring grand frenchman
  2. Belch fumes, say
  3. Sir ___ belch of "twelfth
  4. Flipping tense, smoke and belch
  5. Belch in 'twelfth night'
  6. Belch can figure in cup
  7. Belch following tea cruet
  8. Antidote to stand on head of toby belch!
  9. Say again, or belch (6
  10. Let out a belch and turn white!
  11. Brother beginning to belch put on some sound stabiliser, all to reverse tummy rumbling
  12. Belch out, as smoke
  13. Belch like baby
  14. Baby's belch
  15. Belch, as smoke
  16. Sir __ belch of "twelfth night"
  17. 'twelfth night' character sir ___ belch
  18. Tea cruet made one to belch
  19. Say again or belch
  20. Niece of sir toby belch, in 'twelfth night'


  1. Joke hidden in the starred answers
  2. Survivorman star stroud
  3. *game console introduced in 1989
  4. Simple outdoor shelter
  5. Final part of a college's url
  6. Sound of censoring
  7. An ancient egyptian fertility goddess, depicted as a woman with a cow's horns
  8. Stocking attachment