The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with C.
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Crossword Answers for "Singer bruni married to nicolas sarkozy"

Added on Thursday, October 25, 2018

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  1. Carla
    1. Thomas who is known as the queen of memphis soul
    2. Memorable 1961 hurricane
    3. French first lady ___ bru
    4. Server on ''cheers''
    5. French president nicolas
    6. Nurse espinosa on "scrubs


  1. __ sarkozy, french president married carla bruni
  2. Carla —, singer-actress who married french president nicolas sarkozy in 2008
  3. France's bruni-sarkozy an
  4. Former french first lady ___ bruni-sarkozy
  5. __ bruni-sarkozy, former french first lady
  6. Sarkozy's wife __ bruni
  7. French first lady ___ bruni-sarkozy
  8. Model carla married to nicolas sarkozy
  9. Carla — singer and actress and wife of former french president nicolas sarkozy
  10. ___ palace (nicolas sarkozy's current home)
  11. French president nicolas sarkozy's wife
  12. Nicolas sarkozy's wife carla ___
  13. French president who succeeded nicolas sarkozy
  14. French president who married carla bruni
  15. Singer/model bruni who is the former first lady of france
  16. Bruni a parigi
  17. Former first lady of france bruni
  18. Sarkozy's presidential pr
  19. Sarkozy's very small - it's a bit of a shock
  20. Sarkozy's denial about being in trouble after opening of proceedings is without equal


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