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  1. Dutch will produce gibberish after this generous drink
  2. Utter gibberish
  3. Gibberish from zoo animal
  4. Gibberish
  5. They work with numbers, sin and cos - to me, it's gibberish
  6. What gibberish makes
  7. Tantrum that devolves into hysterical gibberish?
  8. Gibberish you get from the wife after a large drink
  9. Talks foolish gibberish
  10. Gibberish from a river creature?
  11. (talk) gibberish
  12. Graduate introducing holy writ, not one for gibberish
  13. Spoke gibberish throw outside what's become rotten
  14. Mother's fancy man said saturday's crossword is gibberish
  15. 'enough of this gibberish!'
  16. It often looks like gibberish
  17. Put aside next book unfinished — rest is gibberish
  18. Gibberish (from both amsterdam and rotterdam?)
  19. Stanley ___, late creator of a gibberish language
  20. Speak gibberish


  1. Time an offender may be held as such …
  2. Puss retains no memory of distinctive symbol
  3. German beset by woeful lament
  4. Its share was life-threatening for the snark
  5. Days off without helmet will be hell
  6. Enter rustic to ponce about with unknown complaint
  7. Maybe he'll recognise curious event
  8. Club better the 8 in the highlands