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  1. Former leader of the sinaloa drug cartel
  2. Former leader of the sinaloa cartel
  3. Seven, in sinaloa
  4. Six, in sinaloa
  5. State of nw mexico bordered by chihuahua, baja california and sinaloa; capital, hermosillo
  6. International oil-producing cartel
  7. Unlimited russian money for cartel
  8. Oil cartel
  9. Cartel led by a secretary
  10. Criminal cartel headed by leader of pheasant pluckers
  11. Murder victim meets his end coming after cartel - jog your memory?
  12. Providing backing to cartel leads to dismissal
  13. Breaking up small active area supported by cartel
  14. Millions investing in one cartel go wild for group of companies
  15. Noted cartel
  16. Cartel leader
  17. Vienna-based cartel
  18. Getting fed up, give it back to the cartel
  19. Floridian city cartel caught messing around
  20. Cartel city


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