The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with N


Do you know the answer?


  1. Co-worker knocked his heart out for "penny! penny! penny!" for example
  2. Simple, simple, simple
  3. Simple simple simple [123]
  4. Sport spent a penny investing in power
  5. A bit tipsy, i spent penny coming in
  6. Spent penny once on article from germany
  7. Coin spent in china added to penny and nickel, note
  8. Became less severe having spent number of days in the grass
  9. A penny saved is a penny __
  10. Celebrate when new penny's gone without time to have old penny
  11. 'a penny saved is a penny earned,' e.g
  12. Britain's penny black and two penny blue
  13. Penny's penny?
  14. ___ a penny two a penny..
  15. 'objects to having souls, or so one is believing (9)'
  16. Due-process process
  17. Incredibly simple, as a process
  18. Simple, as an on-screen process
  19. Who spent 15 consecutive weeks at number one in the uk singles chart this year?
  20. Song by the doors from an album released in january 1967 which spent three weeks at number 1 on billboard hot 100: 3 wds.


  1. "the threepenny opera" star
  2. 1963 beach boys song, "in ___"
  3. Contrived gland idea not good, containing nothing regarding certain glands
  4. Artillery projectiles
  5. A quantity of liquid runs out, i see, like water?
  6. Drone - bustle
  7. Change of direction regarding britain in eu capital
  8. Obey the queen of hearts?