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  1. In music instruction to repeat from the beginning
  2. Musical repeat signs
  3. The signs in the movie 'signs'
  4. Choirmaster’s beginning to repeat part of mass
  5. Painfully stiff as much i eat beginning to repeat horribly
  6. Pm's passion beginning to repeat itself
  7. Repeat run's beginning with speed going up
  8. Time repeat to include new type of music
  9. Repeat sign of music
  10. -- segno (from the repeat sign, in music)
  11. Beginning to show signs of potential
  12. Beginning to show signs of a perfume from north
  13. Mathematician's beginning to crack new theorem that shows signs of resistance
  14. 'music! music! music!' singer brewer
  15. Write using signs or symbols as in music etc
  16. Beginning of labor, and, in another sense, the beginning of each answer to a starred clue
  17. Egg provides measure of energy, not beginning to include beginning or end of 16
  18. In the beginning is my beginning and my end
  19. Not on the beginning of the beginning of the county
  20. In the beginning it's in it at the beginning


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  2. Class clown, at times
  3. Fabric used in sci-fi costumes
  4. One related to others
  5. Cold country, some say
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