CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Side at a future date meeting arsenal wingers"

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  1. Lateral
    1. Certain pass
    2. Side with?
    3. Like some thinking
    4. On edge
    5. Kind of pass
    6. Quarterback's option


  1. Forming a line, team advanced to block arsenal's wingers
  2. ... bury facing new wingers from arsenal inside
  3. Invincible arsenal's wingers could centre for players
  4. Book premiership players (arsenal's wingers)
  5. Maybe in the future arsenal condemns sun after gary's hacked
  6. Be sub twice - gareth bale fit to swap wingers?
  7. Brooking no dissent, issue red cards, dismissing wingers
  8. Internally split, still backing us right-wingers
  9. Wins against italy based on right-wingers getting caught first
  10. Large señoritas excited old french right-wingers
  11. Team lacking wingers, 12-2 ahead perhaps, overcome by emotion
  12. Left-wingers
  13. United, twice ignoring wingers in side, target nine to back
  14. Tigerish wingers everton's opening half-time topic
  15. Wingers with great appetites
  16. 'close to drop, villa lack wingers!' — cry of suffering supporter
  17. Left-wingers, for short
  18. Conjectures made by right-wingers entertaining ambassador
  19. Where left-wingers shop?
  20. Most recent play without wingers before international


  1. Good to get involved in a promising craft
  2. Jack —, entertainer husband of cicely courtneidge who died in 1978
  3. Rosemary's baby writer levin
  4. Got a sniff of fish
  5. County material for polishing could be right or risky, english admitted
  6. One who must show his class, presumably
  7. Singer flack who won back-to-back record of the year grammy awards
  8. Fluid containing white blood cells