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  1. __ interest interest on top of interest
  2. Show interest romantically … or a hint to the ends of the answers to 20- and 44-across phonetically
  3. Kind of interest accumulating on capital plus interest
  4. Have an interest in interest
  5. Interest paid on the original sum plus interest
  6. Interest to be paid on the capital plus interest
  7. Agcy. with an interest in your interest
  8. Liking romantically
  9. Andromache romantically embraces hector?
  10. Romantically involved wit
  11. Talks romantically
  12. Sit romantically
  13. Two people romantically linked
  14. Always, romantically
  15. Cowshed shelved, both unfinished and romantically moody
  16. Before, romantically
  17. Romantically involved with
  18. Bird - one romantically involved with copper?
  19. Cheated on, romantically
  20. Bumped uglies, more romantically


  1. Warbler's gift
  2. The place where something happens
  3. Prefix with "father" or "son"
  4. Beurre __: hazelnut butter
  5. Kid-___ (g-rated movies)
  6. Unidentifiable stuff on a cafeteria tray
  7. Butcher's implement
  8. Yarn from a pirate