The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Short-legged wire-haired breed of terrier"

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  1. Amoretto
    1. Valentine figure
    2. Crackpot mostly red tomato lover
    3. Child put in the picture with a family statement about cuts
    4. Cupid's dart finally penetrating romeo at livery
    5. Slim-bodied fish-eater aroused by a second lover
    6. Cherub, in art


  1. German breed of wire-haired terrier
  2. Wire-haired breed of dog of the terrier type with a greyish coat
  3. Wire-haired short-legged dog
  4. Wire-haired terrier
  5. Impostor touring city carrying a wire-haired terrier
  6. Small, rough-haired breed of scottish terrier
  7. Long-haired terrier breed
  8. Short-legged hound used for hunting (6)short-legged hound used for hunting
  9. A small short-legged terrier having a white coat with tan and/or black markings
  10. Short-legged wiry-coated terrier
  11. Long-bodied short-legged terrier
  12. Small short-legged terrier
  13. The rat __ is a short-haired breed of farm dog
  14. A medium-sized, smooth-haired breed of dog with a short nose
  15. Breed of stocky short-haired dog
  16. Large short-haired dog breed
  17. - - terrier, lithe graceful terrier with a thick fleecy coat
  18. Large black and tan rough-haired terrier
  19. Rough-haired terrier
  20. This long-haired terrier loves to bark


  1. Heads of state are disproportionately unhappy
  2. Bride upset by small junk
  3. Tree repeatedly named in baby language
  4. One ahead, i say! press horn hard
  5. Expelled, fought with lance but not jack
  6. Not staged for an audience, so remaining calm
  7. Technical name for a rib, also used for the midrib in a plant leaf
  8. Levers on a piano