The answer to this crossword puzzle is 10 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Short, enjoyable trips"

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  1. Squaredeal
    1. Flimflam's antithesis
    2. An honest transaction
    3. Good bargain all round? apparently not
    4. Times by itself to hand out fair treatment
    5. Inform about a left-winger getting fair treatment
    6. Fair trade providing old-fashioned wood


  1. Place for relaxation or enjoyable activity, in short, on ship
  2. Short trips to perform commissions
  3. Short shopping trips
  4. Short trips by cart chap's taken round dairy, perhaps
  5. Short trips to do messages
  6. Vehicle for short trips
  7. Hurries on short trips to uncle's premises
  8. Short trips for messages
  9. Short plane trips
  10. Short trips
  11. Short trips to perform necessary tasks
  12. Dandy poet mixing with scum might make enjoyable entertainment
  13. Enjoyable
  14. Clever and enjoyable to be with
  15. Enjoyable nook with husband out of the way
  16. He composed some enjoyable harmonies
  17. Most pleasant or enjoyable
  18. In royal style, i will entertain ambassador -- how enjoyable!
  19. Good __: enjoyable books
  20. Enjoyable time had by novice in religious ceremony


  1. Smokey ___, singer, songwriter and record producer whose real first name is william
  2. Conservative with word of warning referring to type of lens
  3. Shooting with bows and arrows
  4. While covering for the fellow spies
  5. In taking a short cut...
  6. Check the advance of a sick man who returns
  7. Nonsense about henry’s beat
  8. Second showing somewhat nearer university