The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with G

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Shapely school subj.?"

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  1. Geom
    1. Euclidean subj.
    2. Study of figures: abbr.
    3. Euclid's element?: abbr.
    4. Subj. with circles and su
    5. H.s. math subject
    6. Shapes subj.


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  2. Shapely dish in gown going around western state
  3. Shapely leg, slangily
  4. Shapely leg
  5. Shapely leg, in slang
  6. Woman having to betray man whose legs were shapely?
  7. Shapely?
  8. Shapely leg, informally
  9. Patio redesigned with lines giving shapely cut
  10. Shapely limb, slangily
  11. Rows of shapely legs?
  12. Shortly, in america, most of them capable of turning out shapely legs
  13. Shapely and graceful
  14. Tailored short pants on a leg that's shapely?
  15. Shapely leader?
  16. School for special training military school
  17. Run into school head at hard school
  18. School head on circuit no longer allowed in school
  19. Kind of school after nursery school: abbr
  20. West coast school that received the most applications of any us school in 2017: abbr.


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