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  1. Professor played by christopher lloyd in 'clue'professor played by christopher lloyd in 'clue'
  2. Shakespeare's collaborator on 'the two noble kinsmen'
  3. Sometime collaborator with william shakespeare
  4. Sometime collaborator with william shakespeare per the oxford university press
  5. Jacobean playwright and shakespeare's collaborator
  6. Collaborator with sedaka and cooke on the 1964 album 3 great guys
  7. Bowie collaborator
  8. Eazy-e collaborator, informally
  9. Cahn collaborator
  10. Frequent collaborator wit
  11. Marx collaborator
  12. Repeated collaborator with 68-/70-across
  13. Kings collaborator
  14. Collaborator on several david bowie albums
  15. U2 collaborator on "passe
  16. Sondheim collaborator on
  17. Marx's collaborator on "t
  18. Wilder collaborator runs into reserves
  19. Brecht collaborator kurt
  20. Repeated collaborator with bowie


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