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  1. Agent 86, to agent 99
  2. Agent making for unlikely setting in winter
  3. Setting agent in jams and jellies
  4. Setting agent
  5. Some suspect inclusion of setting agent
  6. Concealed by double agent in pastoral setting
  7. Setting agent needed in jams
  8. Jam setting agent
  9. Setting agent extracted from fruit
  10. Setting agent to keep a style in place
  11. Assortment of sweets sold as a mixture
  12. Sweets, chocolates, etc
  13. Sweets
  14. Ships trading 5 for 1,000 sweets
  15. They expose limbs, given sweets - is drink included?
  16. Large round sweets
  17. Yuletide sweets
  18. Sweets that are made round british networks
  19. Each pupil initially put in requests for sweets
  20. Under pressure to turn up with sweets


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