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  1. Self appointed policeman leaving it to be resolved
  2. Appointed time
  3. Reagan-appointed justice
  4. Appointed member of parliament
  5. Chief justice appointed by harding
  6. In the north, one's appointed to transport lobby
  7. Appointed court accepting electronic evidence
  8. Not appointed
  9. He appointed the first ch
  10. Court-appointed guardian?
  11. Self-appointed group, for
  12. Court-appointed psychiatr
  13. Newly appointed
  14. Gentleman enthralled by top appointed authority in indian city
  15. Person appointed to act for another in legal or business matters
  16. Appointed
  17. Government-appointed 'expert' gets a right stuffing
  18. Legislator appointed by a party to enforce discipline
  19. F.b.i. director appointed
  20. Managed with what was available when appointed by rob


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