The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with I.
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Crossword Answers for "Sections of a baseball or cricket game"

Added on Saturday, July 2, 2022
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CODYCROSS Canada Group 1269 Puzzle 3

  1. Its a dish best served cold
  2. Gwyneth paltrows split time film, doors
  3. Long, bendy, foam swimming aids
  4. To bleach flour using nitrogen trichloride
  5. Bird that can run up to 43 miles per hour
  6. Herb filled vinaigrette dressing that sounds roman
  7. Worlds first female airplane designer, elsie
  8. State with both a city and lake called kissimmee
  9. Hollow muscular organ connected to the urethra
  10. What one must pay to mail a package
  11. Actors mcconaughey or perry
  12. Tintin and smurfs creators were from this country
  13. These itsy bitsy creatures climb up the waterspout
  14. Rooftop ornaments
  15. Holiday celebrated mostly in mexico dia de los


  1. Innings
    1. Period at the wicket
    2. Time at the crease
    3. Scoreboard divisions
    4. Wife abandons prize money for spell at wicket
    5. Spell "pot" without the first letter
    6. Prize after missing first place in a bit of sporting endeavour


  1. Batter sections - sections of castle
  2. - - cricket, cricket played under floodlights
  3. Club for baseball or cricket
  4. Period of play in baseball or cricket
  5. He'll beat you at baseball rather than cricket
  6. Pitch : baseball :: __ : cricket
  7. It beats one how they come to play baseball but not cricket
  8. Cricket, table-tennis and baseball implement
  9. Wooden item used in cricket and baseball
  10. Period of play in baseball and cricket
  11. He plays baseball, not cricket. that takes the cake!
  12. Collecting a hit ball in cricket/baseball
  13. Batting turns of one team in cricket or baseball
  14. Impartial judge of a cricket or baseball game
  15. Baseball or cricket, e g
  16. Pennsylvania baseball park that might (weirdly) host playoff baseball in 2013
  17. Baseball or baseball card transaction
  18. Gray former baseball outfielder who was inducted into the baseball reliquarys shrine of the eternals despite having lost his arm
  19. Bureaucracy gradually became thinner after switching sections
  20. Divide into 120° sections, say


  1. He was from classes due to his behavior
  2. Acid from lemons
  3. To stare in wonder
  4. Authoritative and intolerant
  5. Fat used to make candles
  6. Parasite used in therapies
  7. To narrate, recount
  8. The main object in the cinema