The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with S.
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Crossword Answers for "Search"

Added on Friday, May 11, 2018


Search clues

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  1. Sift
    1. Go (through), as evidence
    2. Strain at a ___
    3. Go through
    4. Recipe direction
    5. Search (through)
    6. Pass though a sieve


  1. Search engine jargon term for internet search
  2. Search high and ___ (search everywhere)
  3. Object of the search by the three wise men
  4. Aviator in search of bugs
  5. Internet search program
  6. Search engine result
  7. Aid for a search-and-rescue team
  8. Web portal with a bing search bar
  9. Spread, as people in a search party
  10. Search simplifier
  11. Search for prey
  12. Italian conductor to search in italy
  13. Search engine failure?
  14. Racehorse - search
  15. Resentful about cocaine search
  16. Search about in tin
  17. Search, in a way
  18. Supply me with dosh in search for pleasure
  19. Search engine name
  20. Oath finally made, go in search of pleasure


  1. Hat raised by a politician given to delay
  2. He could give advice on oil and colour ultimately
  3. Have light go off? then this may not be present!
  4. Hasty and careless entry for cup goes adrift
  5. Hard to get into run down boat
  6. Have a wavy form
  7. Having washed all over, greeting american
  8. Has made new name as an executioner