The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Sculptured trunk"

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  1. Torso
    1. Trunk of the body
    2. Trunk
    3. Body without head, neck and limbs
    4. Human trunk
    5. Classic sculpture
    6. Mr. america's pride


  1. Trunk in the trunk
  2. Trunk in your trunk
  3. Trunk within a trunk
  4. Sculptured figure
  5. Sculptured band on a wall
  6. Sculptured person
  7. Sculptured symbol; frieze groove
  8. Sculptured hedge
  9. Sculptured head
  10. Sculptured symbol
  11. Miss west's classical sculptured form — not right, but majestic in play
  12. Sculptured band
  13. Sculptured likeness
  14. Some sculptured figures
  15. Sculptured figure of astute construction
  16. Trunk of the body
  17. Barking dog isn't suppressed by weapon or trunk
  18. Age indicator in a tree trunk
  19. Trunk
  20. Lump on a trunk


  1. One given menial tasks to do
  2. Managed to be somewhat unnatural
  3. I intercepted medals relating to suspicious activity
  4. Informally, 'la grande ____' is the tour de france
  5. Brown as pie in the cooking?
  6. Gullible person in france not returning
  7. Profitable and extremely resolute venture i am arranging
  8. Rower starting out at regatta