The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with M

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Scream to make new cult aware"

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  1. Memoranda
    1. Office notes
    2. Attorneys' productions
    3. Fellow touring 'backward' city with lawyer's notes to self
    4. Notes male attorney’s written about return of capital
    5. Records in golf club set by me and doctor
    6. More damn trouble about a batch of notes!


  1. Words and phrases that sound approximately alike, like ice scream and i scream
  2. Scream or bawl, e.g
  3. Scream inducer
  4. Campbell of “scream”
  5. Actress campbell of scream
  6. Like the scream films
  7. Reason to scream “why wont this damn thing locate airplanes!”?
  8. Scream for the dream team
  9. Scream one's head off
  10. It's a scream
  11. Scream elicitors
  12. Kind of scream
  13. Where you might see stray cats running around letting out a scream
  14. Scream in alabama?
  15. Scream elicitor
  16. Fay famous for a scream
  17. Day piercing scream almost turned sour
  18. Scream or be rowdy, as a
  19. Not reflecting my scream, it's fantastic
  20. Epps of "scream 2"


  1. Jacques --, french composer of the humorous orchestral 'divertissement'
  2. Tennis player in bilbao, relaxing on vacation
  3. Drying area next to a sink
  4. Judy ___, star of the wizard of oz
  5. It's clear i have put up with depression
  6. No strong drink served up as guardian spirit
  7. (sound made by) fancy frills on female dresses - four/four
  8. Hang around in a secretive way