The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with B

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Scottish landmark 5 4 6"

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  1. Bridge
    1. What you might come across at a river?
    2. Span
    3. See 31-across
    4. The confederation _______
    5. Game for dummies?
    6. Potter has a rest in game


  1. Hear stuarts rebuilt this scottish landmark
  2. Stuarts are assembled round front of historic scottish landmark
  3. A blooming scottish stream in a scottish chimney
  4. Name given to scottish child not born in a scottish town
  5. Secretly plotted to take scottish stuff on scottish river
  6. Student from scottish island, say, with scottish name
  7. Alexander --, scottish painter whose portrait of robert burns is in the scottish national gallery
  8. Old scottish monster eschewing top of scottish garment
  9. Atlanta landmark #2
  10. 62-across landmark
  11. Baker v. ___, landmark 19
  12. Texas landmark to remember
  13. St. louis landmark design
  14. Moscow landmark
  15. St. louis landmark
  16. Prez with the same initials as an n.y.c. landmark
  17. Mount of ___ (jerusalem landmark)
  18. ___ house (washington landmark)
  19. Fort ___ (civil war landmark near savannah)
  20. World landmark built with [circled letters]


  1. Pantomime role
  2. Left asian port carrying cargo
  3. Obey the queen of hearts?
  4. Athlete's dream
  5. Alternative to a clothesline
  6. Is suitable for gambling involving motor-racing?
  7. Olive measuring 19-19-19
  8. Rock band's equipment