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Added on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

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  1. Highland games enthusiast, perhaps not the first, in welsh village
  2. Small highland village
  3. Village and fishing port in highland scotland on loch broom
  4. Village on west coast of highland region
  5. Village in aberdeenshire that hosts an annual highland games gathering on the first saturday of september that is traditionally attended by the british royal family
  6. Large coastal village overlooking morecambe bay
  7. Coastal village south of weston-super-mare
  8. Eponymous coastal cuban village
  9. Coastal village north of aldeburgh suffolk that became site of a magnox nuclear power station in 1968
  10. Scottish highland fabric
  11. Pouch worn in scottish highland dress
  12. Change form of scottish dance outside highland gathering
  13. Large pouch of fur that hangs in front of a kilt in men's scottish highland dress
  14. Fur pouch worn with scottish highland dress
  15. Scottish coastal town
  16. Scottish coastal city
  17. Information about lake gained by runner once in scottish village
  18. Village or forest south-west of selkirk in the scottish borders
  19. Greek leaving scottish village for high peak
  20. Cornish village or scottish golf course


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