The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with D

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Scottish actor tennant"

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  1. David
    1. He's dead keen
    2. Florence attraction
    3. Michelangelo masterpiece
    4. Florentine art treasure
    5. Michelangelo sculpture; or, the author of a book of mediterranean food
    6. Talking heads byrne


  1. Scottish actor tennant who played the doctor on doctor who
  2. Broad—; drama set in dorset with david tennant and olivia colman
  3. David tennant or peter capaldi
  4. 'lady tennant' or 'sleeping beauty,' in the music world
  5. Line forms for hannon and tennant
  6. Tennant of the pet shop boys
  7. 2011 romcom starring kelly macdonald, david tennant and alice eve
  8. 1991 comedy-drama film starring steve martin and victoria tennant
  9. Actor cameron actor fairbanks = actor ___
  10. A blooming scottish stream in a scottish chimney
  11. Name given to scottish child not born in a scottish town
  12. Secretly plotted to take scottish stuff on scottish river
  13. Student from scottish island, say, with scottish name
  14. Alexander --, scottish painter whose portrait of robert burns is in the scottish national gallery
  15. Old scottish monster eschewing top of scottish garment
  16. David -, scottish-born us film actor
  17. American actor or scottish singer in royal house, say
  18. Outlaw william + actor alan = scottish boy?
  19. Actor originally following spirit of the scottish play
  20. And 28 across: nick regularly bribed horse moving near scottish actor


  1. Primate within tapestry
  2. Show by reasoning 11
  3. Buoyant duck aboard a leaky tyre
  4. In france, guilt tainted those with extreme views
  5. This: shot through with cinnamon and raisins!
  6. Comedy character by hotel - priest on show came down
  7. The chap got old but still coped
  8. Drink drivers taking short month off work