The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with C.
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Crossword Answers for "Scorned, in old timey speak"

Added on Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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CODYCROSS Rainforest Group 1210 Puzzle 5

  1. Brain lobe that begins with a vowel
  2. Short prayers said before meals
  3. Type of machine for taking landline phone messages
  4. Relating to the lungs, like an embolism or artery
  5. Indian ocean nation, port louis is the capital
  6. Home nation of football star lionel messi
  7. In paris bertolucci oscar nominated 1972 drama
  8. 19th century industrial esthetic found in sci fi
  9. Chinese quarter of a city
  10. Instrument of measurement, typically three feet
  11. Australian tree with a whitish edible nut
  12. Vegas theater built for celine dion


  1. Contemned
    1. Treated with disdain


  1. Regularly scorned party's set of beliefs
  2. Scorned, with "at"
  3. Scorned kid brother, mayb
  4. "hell ___ no fury like a woman scorned"
  5. More than scorned
  6. ''hell hath . . . . . . like a woman scorned''
  7. ". . . ___ no fury like a woman scorned"
  8. Igor stravinsky's 'scorned! abused! neglected!,' e.g
  9. Labour's conclusion: party ultimately scorned, getting sent up
  10. Scorned kid brother, maybe
  11. Ridiculed, scorned
  12. Scorned paper
  13. Scorned lover of jason
  14. Woman scorned by jason, in myth
  15. Exhibitor scorned group
  16. 'hell hath no . . . . like a woman scorned
  17. The scorned wife of jason in greek mythology
  18. Muscles badly scorned by bad runners?
  19. Old-timey “not”
  20. Old-timey oath


  1. Jolly, celebratory 7 letters
  2. Fill up as a pillow
  3. Pinch together
  4. Mr. blue sky gp.
  5. About to come
  6. A group of marines that helps you stay afloat
  7. A promising entertainment
  8. Hurts a lot