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  1. Sandwich chain whose name is french for “ready to eat”
  2. Sandwich chain whose name is french
  3. Post-sandwich sandwich cookie
  4. Post-sandwich sandwich
  5. Sandwich after a sandwich?
  6. Certain sandwich chain
  7. Fast-food chain with the ultimate angus sandwich
  8. Sandwich for instance makes turnover for retail part of chain
  9. Sandwich chain
  10. Chain of sandwich shops
  11. Sandwich chain known for artisan bread
  12. Rhyming chicago sandwich chain ___ pita
  13. Fast-food chain with a smoke mountain barbecue sandwich
  14. Capital city whose name means "wooded" in french
  15. State capital whose name means 'wooded' in french
  16. Classic french song whose title means it's so good
  17. Brownish-grey colour whose name means 'mole' in french
  18. French city on the english channel whose name means 'the port'
  19. Sandwich-ready, maybe holding last of tofu, thoroughly rinsed
  20. You might make a chain of it but it would not make a chain


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