The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with I

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "In the same source"


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  1. Ibidem
    1. Footnote word
    2. I'm about to stay in the same place
    3. I'm having to stay in the same place reference
    4. Seems i make an offer for 'em in the same passage
    5. I must stop politician forgetting line — it's as indicated earlier
    6. I make 'em an offer in the same passage


  1. Source of wealth + source of mozzarella?
  2. Primarily source of yeast, also source of protein
  3. Fix source of ore, including source of gold
  4. Chap curtailed source of eggs and source of drink
  5. Source of pernod keeping source of tequila friendly, suppressing twitch cleanly
  6. Study includes source of light and source of shade
  7. Source of gold, also source of fuel
  8. Subject for the source magazine
  9. Source of the line they shall beat their swords into plowshares
  10. Allergy source
  11. Source of maple syrup
  12. Back problem the source of red swelling
  13. Acorn's source
  14. Brew source
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  19. Survey reported on queen, say, is source of stink
  20. Source of a nightmare


  1. Of or relating to capital letters
  2. Fish swallows little moisture or pluto for instance
  3. 1974 film starring gregory peck as arch deans
  4. Protective case
  5. Of grass, chopped down
  6. 1892 ‘cockney song’ by charles ingle and albert chevalier
  7. ____ erosion is caused by animals
  8. Landlord, one that's found in bed